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CF Key ring 라이터없이 누끼.jpg
CF Keyring 노라이터 누끼 다른각.jpg

CF Tribal Keyring

by Computer Format


Logo-engraved at side face. 
Logo-engraved tribal PLA lighter case

key ring and clasp fastenings.

made from fermented plant starch such as

from corn, cassava, sugarcane or sugar beet pulp.
It is safe because harmful substances such as environmental hormones and heavy metals are not detected even when a baby bites or sucks. It has the same characteristics as general plastics during use,

but is 100% biodegradable by microorganisms when discarded.

width 24mm length 21mm height 57mm 

width 24mm length 21mm height 57mm 

Poly Lactic Acid, Surgical Steel, Bic lighter

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